Rekrutmen Thiess Indonesia Terbaru tahun 2023

Rekrutmen Thiess Indonesia Terbaru tahun 2023


Lowongan Kerja Thiess Contractors Indonesia Tahun 2023 Terbaru

Profil Perusahaan

Thiess adalah penyedia jasa pertambangan terbesar di dunia

Keahlian kami mencakup berbagai komoditas besar di dunia termasuk batu bara metalurgis dan batu bara termal, bijih besi, tembaga, nikel, emas, berlian dan pasir minyak. Kami menawarkan keahlian in-house yang terlengkap untuk pertambangan permukaan dan layanan yang sangat penting untuk pertambangan bawah tanah. Kami menawarkan fleksibilitas mulai dari layanan penuh dari awal-hingga-akhir, layanan sebagian/tertentu, hingga membantu tim in-house milik klien

Posisi dan Kualifkasi

Senior Surveyor

In this role, you will:

  • Determine the work activities and priorities of the Survey groups and Lead, organise and provide direction for Survey Teams to ensure outstanding performance is achieved in people performance, HSE&Q outcomes and the business results
  • Continuously improve the systems and procedures by which the survey section work in order to enhance project operations and to provide information more efficiently and in the most useful format;
  • Manage the designated filing system for all on-site survey documents and data;
  • Continuously monitor equipment status and condition and to ensure equipment is appropriate for the task. Develop and implement efficient practises using available resources and technology, review new systems and technologies;
  • Ensure survey equipment is registered and calibrated to the required standard and to within the accuracy specified by the manufacturer;
  • Ensure that all survey personnel are suitably trained to recognise the hazards associated with machine interaction whilst performing survey tasks;
  • Assist to provide high quality and appreciated Survey services, including tender advice, project start up capability and on-going monthly reconciliation support;
  • Identify and recommend alternate solutions, which may provide more efficient outcomes and greater profitability

About you
  • Applicants should have a minimum Tertiary qualifications in Surveying / Geodetic Engineering with 5 years’ experience in similar role as Senior Surveyor;
  • Proficient in construction technology, Engineering and Surveying Principles, Surveying Equipment and applications, Engineering and Surveying software, industry standards and best practice, HS&E, Surveying and Engineering software, and computer data management and manipulation; should Understanding of various types of highway construction components such as substructure, superstructure, embankment etc; understand and implement the Design & Project Management Plan; understand the approval process for Design Approvals; team culture and experience in design management; able to draft reports, and plan work tasks;
  • Accordance with the Standards, Specifications, Schedules, QA/QC, Safety, Environmental and Program requirements and are within budgeted cost levels
  • Good leadership, independent and mature personality, self-motivated, results driven and good negotiation skills; high initiative; performance driven; good planning skill; good communication skills and proficient in written and spoken English
EOI Senior Data Engineer

In this role, you will:

  • Develop the Thiess Data Platform to support the growing analytical requirements of the business, employing a mature approach to ingesting, modelling, and sharing data, catering for requirements varying from Data Science to Business Analytics.
  • Design, develop and support data engineering solutions that are robust, observable, and performant, supporting data sources across business applications, machine data, provider APIs, and IoT platforms.
  • Lead the design and implementation of data engineering products through engaging with technical and business SMEs to understand requirements, and architect appropriate solutions.
  • Design and build data structures supporting requirements ranging from high volume machine data, dimensional modelling, through to supporting machine learning projects.
  • Employ contemporary approaches to data movement that promotes the creation of technical frameworks cater for multiple data sources, leveraging a metadata-driven approach build data pipelines.
  • Advise on solution architecture for modern data platforms, data streams and data service API's to be implemented for Thiess.
  • Provide high level expertise in the use of SQL, both in developing data engineering solutions, and supporting less-technical teams to effectively interact with Thiess data platforms.
  • Provide expertise in the use of Apache Spark/DataBricks, supporting a team of Data Scientists in transitioning solutions to the Spark processing engine
  • Support data science initiatives through familiarity with python including data-focused modules such as pandas and numpy, and experience working with pySpark.
  • Optimise data solutions deployed to Thiess’ cloud data platforms to improve performance and reduce cost.
  • Work with IT Infrastructure teams to embed best practice approaches to security, cloud resource management, and release management into developed data solutions.
About you
  • University degree in Computing/Computer Science or appropriate Technical Background.
  • 5+ years in a data engineering role, with a hands-on role in designing and developing data movement pipelines, and operational data warehousing solutions.
  • Must have experience in designing data engineering solutions for large organisations, incorporating extensive machine generated datasets.
  • Significant experience in architecting big-data processing systems using contemporary cloud-based technology.
  • Experience working with Data Scientists to develop data solutions that drive complex algorithmic and machine learning processes.
  • Extensive experience with developing cloud data platforms, and ability to work with Cloud and Infrastructure teams to effectively utilise shared resources.
  • Expertise in the Azure data stack, with a focus on Azure Data Factory, and data lake environments build on Data Lake Store and DataBricks.
  • Extensive experience working with SQL Server data sources, and an ability to deal with a variety of data ingestion requirements across relational, streaming, and semi-structed (JSON, XML) formats.
  • Particular expertise in the utilisation of DataBricks/Apache Spark for data engineering, with competency in pySpark, and experience with DeltaLake.
  • Capability to implement appropriate CI/CD processes in a data engineering environment, and to assist data science teams with improving maturing in DevOps/DataOps practices.
  • Knowledge of modern cloud architectures and supporting services encompassing security, log management, container-based workloads.
Principal Drill & Blast

In this role, you will:

  • Coordinate all activities for drill and blast staff and employees including blast contractors ensuring successful and cost effective implementation of plans.
  • Ensure drill and blast plans are implemented according to design with survey markers in place prior to drill and blast activities.
  • Ensure areas are prepared appropriately for equipment access.
  • Communicate daily with Maintenance department ensuring drilling equipment are maintained in good condition while achieving production targets.
  • Develop standard procedures for drilling and blasting activities.
  • Observe and review all blasts fired ensuring optimal fragmentation, no misfires, appropriate explosive material used, etc.
  • Maximize production at reduced cost & reduce production risks.
  • Ensure Client needs are met and responded effectively.
  • Develop workforce to ensure they are focused and constantly achieving target, while creating a participating work environment.
  • Cooperate, encourage, motivate and provide skills training for employees in order to develop and enhance their abilities both as individuals and as part of a team.
  • Ensure operation expertise is up to date.
  • Investigate and adopt where appropriate new technologies and practices.
About you
  • Graduated from Bachelor Degree in Mine Engineering or related discipline.
  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience in large open cut mining operation of which at least one or 3 years in production/service supervision/ management role.
  • Certified in POM from Mine and Energy Department.
  • Comprehensive knowledge in mining concept and applications
  • Computer literacy
  • Financial reporting & concepts
OHS&E requirements Legislative and statutory requirements

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