Lowongan Kerja Caterpillar Indonesia Terbaru Oktober 2021

Lowongan Kerja Caterpillar Indonesia Terbaru Oktober 2021

Rekrutmen Caterpillar Terbaru Juni 2021

Profil Perusahaan

Caterpillar adalah produsen peralatan konstruksi dan pertambangan, engine diesel dan gas alam, turbin industri serta lokomotif diesel-listrik yang terdepan di dunia. Kami juga memimpin dalam layanan pembiayaan melalui Caterpillar Financial Services. 

Posisi dan Kualifikasi


As an Account Manager, you can expect to :
  1. Develop effective relationships within Caterpillar, our dealers and major customers (including Chinese SOEs) so that sales objectives can be achieved. Further, you will establish high-level relationships with business decision makers and identify business needs and problems.
  2. Partner with senior management to develop and implement market strategies for key industries and customers as well as securing commitment of Caterpillar and dealer resources to assure continued customer satisfaction. 
  3. Consult with various departments within Caterpillar regarding the direction and strategies that key industry leaders will be adopting in the future, consult with dealers and districts on the subject of sales and service support of product to "corporate account" customers.
  4. Travel in the field to monitor and resolve issues regarding customer satisfaction and future product needs. 
  5. Visit job locations to provide advice and counsel to potential customers.
  6. Ensure that account decision makers have been fully exposed to the features & benefits available from Caterpillar products, dealer, and marketing.
The successful candidate must bring  (Basic Qualifications):
  1. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.  Equivalent relevant experience (4 years) will be considered in lieu of a degree.
  2. At least 8 years of industry experience. 
  3. Previous field experience working directly with dealers and customers demonstrating an excellent understanding of dealers and Caterpillar and how we operate together.
  4. A sound understanding of Goodwill, Sales Variance management and Caterpillar products including our services and aftermarket side of the business.
  5. Fluency in English is required.   Proficiency in written and spoken Mandarin an advantage
  6. Travel expectation of 50%.
  7. Excellent communication, interpersonal and collaboration skills.
  8. Strong negotiation skills.


Sebagai seorang IQA Team Leader Anda akan:
  1. Bertanggung jawab untuk memastikan inspector bekerja dengan aman dengan menggunakan alat pelindung diri yang lengkap dan benar
  2. Bertanggung jawab memastikan inspector bekerja sesuai dengan target harian
  3. Bertanggung jawab untuk membuat daily report quality
  4. Bertanggung jawab untuk melakukan PID meeting harian
  5. Bertanggung jawab untuk melakukan handover pekerjaan pada saat perpindahan shift
  6. Bertanggung jawab memastikan inspector menggunakan ceklis, menggunakan alat dan metode yang benar pada saat inspeksi
  7. Bertanggung jawab memastikan non-conformance report di isi sesuai dengan standard
  8. Melakukan berbagai inspeksi terhadap material incoming sesuai dengan standar dan kode yang ada di Caterpillar
  9. Bertanggung jawab memastikan tagging dipasang pada material sesuai dengan hasil pengukuran dan disposisinya
  10. Bertanggung jawab memastikan 5S di area karantina material dan area inspeksi
  11. Bertanggung jawab melakukan audit peralatan kerja yang ada di IQA
Kandidat yang berhasil harus memiliki:
  1. Minimal Sekolah Menengah Atas atau sederajat
  2. Memiliki sertifikat visual welding inspector yang masih berlaku
  3. Memiliki sertifikat NDT MT/PT (ASNT) yang masih berlaku
  4. Memiliki pengalaman sebagai quality incoming minimal 2 tahun
  5. Familiar menggunakan berbagai alat ukur dimensional
  6. Familiar menggunakan SAP sistem untuk quality management module
  7. Familiar terhadap audit, inspeksi dan sampling plan
  8. Familiar menggunakan Microsoft Office
  9. Memiliki skill basic bahasa Inggris baik menulis atau berbicara
  10. Memiliki pengetahuan yang baik tentang Caterpillar drawing
  11. Dapat melakukan investigasi untuk menentukan root cause nonconformance material
  12. Bisa dan bersedia bekerja shift

Sebagai seorang N on-Conformance Coordinator Anda akan:
  1. Bertanggung jawab memastikan 5S area karantina material
  2. Bertanggung jawab memastikan semua material di area karantina memiliki “tangging” sesuai dengan aktual disposisinya
  3. Bertanggung jawab melakukan daily update block stock
  4. Bertanggung jawab untuk melakukan investigasi lebih dalam untuk menemukan root cause pada material non-conformance
  5. Bertanggung jawab untuk mengkordinir perpindahan material block stock sesuai dengan disposisi baik menurut system SAP maupun actual material
  6. Bertanggung jawab membuat weekly report block stock
  7. Bertanggung jawab memastikan semua material di area karantina memiliki non-conformance report
  8. Bertanggung jawab memimpin meeting material non-conformance mingguan
  9. Bertanggung jawab melakukan follow up kepada pemilik proses non-conformance material
  10. Bertanggung jawab melakukan validasi untuk non-conformance report
Kandidat yang berhasil harus memiliki:
  1. Minimal Sekolah Menengah Atas atau sederajat
  2. Memiliki sertifikat visual welding inspector yang masih berlaku
  3. Memiliki pengalaman sebagai quality incoming minimal 1 tahun
  4. Memiliki pengalaman bekerja di lingkungan manufaktur minimal 1 tahun
  5. Familiar menggunakan berbagai alat ukur dimensional
  6. Familiar menggunakan sistem SAP untuk Quality Management module
  7. Familiar menggunakan Microsoft Office
  8. Dapat berbicara dalam bahasa Inggris
  9. Memiliki pengetahuan yang baik tentang Caterpillar drawing
  10. Dapat melakukan investigasi untuk menentukan root cause non-conformance material


To consult on product problem management within the mining industry in Indonesia. Represent Caterpillar to minimize the commercial impact of customer complaints related to products, applications, and maintenance requirements, the incumbent has a direct bottom line impact on Caterpillar and dealer financial results. This is generally the second level technical service assignment and represents a shift from learning and assisting to fully contributing in assignments that are broader, more complex and challenging in nature.

Job Duties/Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:
  1. The incumbent hones skills on administering company goodwill and warranty processes and settlements and will work with service specialists to ensure dealers have technical capability to identify and repair product deficiencies.  
  2. To works with dealers in managing Product Improvement Programs cost effectively and within designated timeframes.  Providing a strategic focus and leading initiatives to effectively contain product issues.
  3. Provide technical guidance and assist with dealer presentations designed to inform customers of service advantages.
  4. A more senior representative and the supervisor/manager typically direct and leads the work
  5. Decisions made by this position are more complex and have greater risk issues than those associated with the less experienced representatives.  Challenges include meeting expectations in delivering results, considering alternative courses of actions, making timely decisions and developing greater communication skills.
Primary Role:
Work with Service Specialists to ensure dealers meet targets for Customer Satisfaction Program; providing input to Service Operations Specialists for shop operations, service process improvements, and systems, to help dealers achieve higher service quality and improve profitability and working with Industry Reps and PSSRs to develop total customer solutions that support sales efforts.

Basic Qualification:
  1. Bachelor's degree in Engineering filed or significant technical experience with Caterpillar mining products.
  2. 3+ years of technical support or service engineer experience.

Top Candidates will also have:
  1. Understand customer/dealer market needs and build an understanding of how and why decisions are made within their work group and organization.  
  2. Able to apply those decisions to support and develop product sales, dealer effectiveness, overall segment growth, NPI process, process improvement, sales management process improvement, etc 
  3. Incumbents learn to apply their knowledge of products, technology, industry, etc., in support of Caterpillar, dealer and customer expectations and needs. 
  4. Abilities to improve problem, solve techniques, buildi business skill.
  5. Enhancing use of Caterpillar systems and developing leadership basics.  
  6. Incumbents must stay abreast of industry and technology changes and learn to relate those changes to Caterpillar, dealer and customer needs.
  7. Strong developing communication and people relationship.
  8. Strong communication in English
Additional Information:
  • Full Time
  • Working Hours: Monday – Friday 07:30 am. – 04:30 pm.
  • Work location: Indonesia.

Cara Melamar

Link Pendaftaran : https://bit.ly/catIDjobs

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