Lowongan Kerja Telkomsel terbaru September 2021

Lowongan Kerja Telkomsel terbaru September 2021

Rekrutmen Terbaru Telkomsel Tahun 2021

Profil Perusahaan

We are a leading digital telecommunication company in Indonesia that continues to open up more opportunities and possibilities by enabling digital connectivity, digital platform, and digital services. Over the last 26 years of serving the nation, we have been consistently implementing the latest broadband technology, including 5G. Looking forward, we are now enriching innovative digital solutions including Mobile Gaming, Digital Entertainment, Digital Lifestyle, Mobile Financial Services, Enterprise Solutions, and the Internet of Things.

Our company is home to more than 5,400 employees that work together to make sure technology implementation fully benefits society. We are proud to serve more than 164 million customers nationwide and providing communication access to 95% of the country’s population, including those in the most inner, outermost, and least developed regions.

We are excited about the future. We aim to continuously deliver new digital technologies to connect and empower more people to create more opportunities both economically and socially. The challenge is big, but our desire to make a change is even bigger. If you are a change maker, this might be a place where we can make a story together.

Posisi dan Kualifikasi

Data Scientist
We are looking for an experienced Data Scientist to join our team. You will be responsible for Design, develop and implement analytic use cases across industry verticals using Telco data as the main ingredients. Preferably a T-Shaped skills owner, having cross-discipline knowledge with at least one deep discipline expertise.

You will work with fellow Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Analysts, and Product Owner who are highly passionate to develop our products. We perform experimentations on periodic basis to improve the product using various advanced analytics techniques.

Design analytics framework (ML and statistical model) for various use cases
Maintain the quality and execution of the analytics models for various product.
Perform periodic review on the implementation of the model and data pipeline.
Collaborate with the data science and analytics team within the division to produce high-quality dashboard to monitor the performance of the product.
Collaborate with analytics team to advice on the usage of Telkomsel data asset to solve business problems.
Perform consultative and help the implementation of analytics use case across the organization, and be the champion in terms of advanced analytics models such as Machine Learning.
Perform exploratory data analysis on various data sources to get new insights to improve the model and give recommendation for product development.

a. Competencies:                     :
Excellent programming skills in Python/R.
Excellent data query or manipulation skill using SQL.
Experienced in using various tools for data science/analytics such as Scikit-learn, Pandas, NumPy.
Experienced in using data visualization tools such as Tableau, PowerBI.
Experienced in using various database platform such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Hive, Bigquery, etc.
Advanced problem-solving skills.
Having experimental mindset which is driven by intellectual curiosity to always find and improve their own works.
Knowledge of data framework in Python such as Kedro, Airflow, MLFlow, etc is a plus. b. Education:
Bachelor or Master Degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Engineering or other quantitative fields.

 c. Experience:
3+ years of experience in Data Science/Analytics, such as Data Analyst, Data Scientist, or Business Intelligence Analyst.
Implemented analytical or Machine Learning model to production, which are run on a periodic basis to solve specific business use case.
Develop analytics or ML model such as regression, clustering, or classification.
Crafting raw or tabular data into insights and presenting it to the stakeholders via means of compelling data visualizations.
Collaborating with various data-related roles in the organization to solve business use case, e.g., with Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Product Manager.
Perform model monitoring to ensure that the trained model is stable and reliable.
Design A/B testing scenarios in an online experiment setting to validate hypothesis and test the performance of the analytical models. Also interpreting the result of the experiments in metrics which are well-understood by business users

IT Operation
About The IT Operation Role :
As we embark on a journey to digitalization, we’re looking for IT Operations who will play a pivotal role in managing critical platforms and services that build and validate our products for release to customers. You will implement and execute operational tasks that have a strong impact on product teams while partnering with them to help modernize and improve systems and processes.

You’ll be In Charge as a IT Operation Role :

- Carry out operational and maintenance activities for IT infrastructure, including data center, OCS, and charging systems.
- Monitoring the capacity of Data Center facilities.
- Provide support for IT equipment and applications.
- Provide support for IT infrastructure operations and maintenance.
- Carry out IT operational activities.
- Provide support in the form of development and operation of commercial applications in the Area

We’re calling you who have :

- Bachelor degree, with major Information Technology, Computer Science, Informatics Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Electronics Engineering.
- Strong Knowledge about Information technology achitecture design
- Experience in Asset management, Data center knowledge
- Outstanding knowledge about Database administration

About IT Telkomsel Team

Telkomsel IT directorate is one big family with even bigger passion. With 200+ applications, 7 data centers across the nation, and 450+ personnel whose impact as significant as our size. We are one big melting pot of a tightknit community, supporting Telkomsel achieving market leadership for more than 26 years.

We believe there is no one solution that fits all. Here in Telkomsel, we combine waterfall and agile software developments according to our  Business  needs. We strive for operational excellence while stay ahead by exploring cutting edge technologies, like cloud and big data.

Well said, the IT function will not only get opportunities in the IT directorate, but will also get opportunities in other directorates such as Sales, Marketing, B2B, etc. With our company taking good care of our needs generously, we are having the privilege to explore our passion and to create value, elevate the cores and

Tax Management
About the Tax Management Role :

We are looking for experienced Tax Management to join in our team. You will responsible for VAT and WHT verifications, Prepare monthly and annual tax filing, Prepare tax reports and related administrative tasks

What You will need:
- Bachelor Degree, major Accounting, Tax, Fiscal Administration
- Have an experience for Possess round knowledge and experience with e-faktur and e-SPT
- Certified in Brevet A & B

Sales Execution
About The Sales Execution Role :

We are looking for experienced Sales Execution to join our team. You will be responsible for Sales growth in Cluster/Area. Tracking and reporting the sales execution in Area/Cluster.

What You’ll be In Charge of Sales Execution Role:
Creating sales opportunity based on sales strategy and partnering.
Dealing with customer and partner.
Selling out the product and service from Telkomsel.
Maintain the customer and partner channel.
Encourage our new modern and teritory channel to up high will Telkomsel.
Creating the best sales with customer centric side.
Maintain the programs, evaluating and monitoring the sales program.
What You will need:

Bachelor Degree, major Statistic, Teknik Informatika, Electro Engineering, Management, Computer Science
Strong knowledge of Selling, Sales Strategy and Planning, Sales Performance Management, Social Mapping (Understanding the ecosystem and environment), Product Knowledge.
Have an experience in Sales Operations activity.

Content Production

About The Content Production Role :
We Are looking for a Content Production Role with outstanding writes, develops, edits, and publishes content and copywrite, for a variety of digital platforms. As a Content Production Role, you will have responsibilities and know the purpose of content marketing is to persuade a person into taking action by identifying and engaging with the target audience in a way that is meaningful to them.

What You’ll be In Charge of Content Production Role:
- Develop UGC and original content to support the digital lifestyle business.
- Ensure that content curation is carried out to select the content that is relevant to customer needs
- Manage content delivery schedule on the platform owned by the Company.
- Managing game studios and implementing national-scale gaming events in the context of customer engagement.
- Develop UGC content guidelines and original content.
- Assess content eligibility.
- Develop new content.
- Act as a stakeholder - technical liaison team to communicate the limitations and possibilities of the Content Management System.
- Defines different content types, including each one's metadata.
- Planning for content migration
- Reporting and analytic on audience behaviour, content performance and trend analytic.

What You will need:
- Bachelor Degree, major Communicatio, Business Management, Visual Communication Design (DKV)
- Have Experience create content business acumen developing social media plan, executing and understanding recent trends.
- Strong knowledge of content production, skills and tools required.
- Have Project Management skills.

Cara Melamar / Email Perusahaan

Silakan Melamar Melalui Linkedin Pada Link Berikut : https://recruitment.telkomsel.com/

Application deadline: 7 September 2021

PERHATIAN: Kami tetap berusaha menyampaikan Informasi Rekrutmen yang Valid melalui Weblog ini, Harap Tetap Waspada apabila pada proses rekrutmen ada Pihak/Oknum yang meminta dana dalam bentuk apapun, Kami tidak pernah meminta dana dalam bentuk apapun (biaya transportasi atau akomodasi dll ) Harap Untuk Selalu Mengabaikan permintaan dana dalam bentuk Apapun.

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