Rekrutmen PT. CBA Chemical Industry Terbaru Juli 2021

Rekrutmen PT. CBA Chemical Industry Terbaru Juli 2021

Rekrutmen PT. CBA Chemical Industry Terbaru Juli 2021

Profil Perusahaan

Founded in 2001, CBA began its humble operation by an individual whose passion was to deliver competitive and quality locally produced agrochemical products to farmers. CBA has now become the leading local agrochemical company in Indonesia, with more than 30 distribution points around Indonesia, to facilitate farmers’urgent needs of agrochemicals and farming tools, such as sprayer and mulch. Till today, CBA’ products is very popular in the market i.e Prima-up, Meta-Prima, Centa-Fur, PrimaxonePlus , CBA-6 etc.

CBA is fully committed to preserve its original value to innovate, identify and meet farmers’ needs and satisfaction through accessible quality products all over Indonesia. In addition, CBA has managed to expand its business line into food industry (snack) and food ingredient (Dessicated Coconut and derivates) . Until now, our group have managed to expand both horizontally and vertically. A continous effort to consistently looking for new room of growth is the passion of our team.

Posisi dan Kualifikasi

PT. CBA Chemical Industry sedang membutuhkan karyawan dengan berbagai macam posisi, diantaranya:

1. Administrasi Staff
- Pria
- 23-28 tahun
- S1 Teknik
- Berpengalaman / Fresh Graduation are welcome

2. Rnd Officer
- Pria
- 23-28 tahun
- S1 Kimia Murni
- Berpengalaman / Fresh Graduation are welcome

3. QC Proses Officer
- Pria
- Usia 23 - 28 tahun
- S1 Kimia Murni
- Berpengalaman lebih disukai, Fresh Graduate are welcome

4. Inspector QC Proses

- Pria / Wanita
- Usia 18 - 22 tahun
- SMK Kimia / Analis Kimia

Kualifikasi umum:
- memiliki kemampuan komunikasi yang baik
- mampu bekerja secara individu / team
- memiliki kemampuan analisa yang baik
- siap bekerja dalam tekanan
- teliti, tekun dan cekatan
- bersedia ditempatkan di Cikande, Serang Banten

Cara Melamar / Email Perusahaan

Kirimkan cv dan lamaran terbaru

Cc: (wajib)

Subject: Posisi_Nama_Domisili

PERHATIAN: Kami tetap berusaha menyampaikan Informasi Rekrutmen yang Valid melalui Weblog ini, Harap Tetap Waspada apabila pada proses rekrutmen ada Pihak/Oknum yang meminta dana dalam bentuk apapun, Kami tidak pernah meminta dana dalam bentuk apapun (biaya transportasi atau akomodasi dll ) Harap Untuk Selalu Mengabaikan permintaan dana dalam bentuk Apapun.

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